Wednesday 5 November 2014

Appeal to Arun Kumar son of Lakhan Singh and Rajeshwari

Appeal to Arun Kumar son of Lakhan Singh and Rajeshwari

It is Vanaja Vishal writing to you to help Dr. Verma whose house your father has rented in Noida. Your father has fled the house on August 18 without paying rent, electricity and water for eight months. We found this document of yours in the garbage your father had left behind. Your father kept assuring Dr. Verma that he has crisis and will pay but he did not. Dr. Verma said that you are a nice person in the family and can help recover money. Police is also looking for your father. It is a pity that your father wanted his sons to be DM or SDM and you all were going through such exams, what will you become with such parental values who cheat innocent people?
We are giving you all proofs below and hope that you will provide us your father's hiding point. Any body who knows Lakhan Singh's whereabouts, please write to me at or call Inspector Avadhesh Avasthi at 8744875588. If Arun does not want to expose his father's cheating, we request the public to help us. We will share this information with various police stations in New Delhi.
Arun Kumar

Oath of payment by Lakhan Singh

Lakhan Singh's IDs

Thursday 30 October 2014

Dr. Verma's story in first person

Criminals, Police and the ruling class in India
….and the suffering public

Last night I posted the picture of my accident on the FB and thanks for the kind words and sympathy of all my friends. I will let you know the details and for my rationality to think that it was meant to kill me.
1.   On 24th Oct, next day to Diwali festival, while driving on Rishikesh-Haridwar near Rishikesh bypass  around 3 PM a Renault Duster (RD) (UK07 AU6851 owned by Rakshpal Singh Yadav) crashed into my car badly causing considerable damage crashing both the right side doors.
2.    The driver did not apply any brakes or tried to steer the car to save the accident.
3.   The impact of the shock and the sound of the bang was so big that I was totally traumatized and could not move for few minutes. My body was full of glass splinters and people from nearby shops ran to help me. They asked me to come out but the door was totally smashed.
4.   While this was happening, the driver of RD opened my left side door and snatched the following paper lying on the front wind screen (see pictures).
5.   This action of the driver showed that he was not shocked or afraid at all. In normal circumstances he should have been nervous that he crushed a car with his special front steel protection guard and hurt a lady with entirely his own fault. This was not the case and he continued to do his strategic work.
In any accident, you hear the creak of the brakes and both the parties try to steer away to save the bang. In this particular case, he did not apply the brakes, on the contrary speeded up to bang and steered not to save but to bang. Since I had already taken the turn, he missed my driver door by split second and my life was saved.

 Place of the shield
 Details of the shield

Smashed car

Amazingly, police was very friendly with the driver and the owner who was later called by the driver. Police refused to even question them and they told me that I should write an application with a condition that I leave the car with them, then only they can file a case or even question the driver. Since the car was still running, and it was full of luggage, I was alone and was not in a position to be without a car on the highway, still 230 Kms from Delhi. I begged them to take pictures of the car or make a video and let me take my car with me. But the police in charge Mr. Ramola was cruel and not considerate at all.
What a system! What a great understanding of police with the criminals!
If it was a mere accident, why the driver so hurriedly took that shield away where there was no mention of him or Uttrakhand? Why the police did not even question him once that why he took away the shield? Why the police did not even want to know if he was drunk or drugged from previous night’s festival? Only me and public shouted at the driver to take back the shield.

Link to the crime
I have given a witness against this man mentioned on the shield in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh in Arvind-Tinoo Joshi case in the special court of Lokayukt. Ever since my FIR with Noida Police (2011) and my witness in Bhopal (2012), I have been troubled by Shridev Sharma. He filed numerous defamation cases against me in different parts of the country and since June this year, allegedly he put series of defaming and vulgar blogs on me. He put a FB page with a German name which was being operated from India on the name of some Sandra Kane from Frankfurt. This FB page was used only to provide links to those vulgar blogs on me. Fortunately, in Germany the cyber police is functional and this FB page is removed after my complaint.
People started writing to me about these vulgar blogs. My reporting to Ayush, Health Minister, CBI, Noida police turned futile. Crime flourishes in our nation. Police is there to protect the criminals and to victimize the victims further.
Here is one mail I received recently from a senior editor and founder of Ayurved Sutra for which I write regularly:

How are you vindji?(2)
Yashwant Vyas
Oct 22
Some one sent me this link to read.-

It is mischievous to write in this manner about someone. Why dont you request to block this type of posts.


The alleged criminal/criminals have been charge sheeted in the beginning of this year and subsequently have been issued arrest warrants. That is why they are hyperactive to harm me in one way or the other.
1. In July, Noida police decided to quash my FIR and I was hindered to enter the NCR. My location was traced and threats were sent to me through to sub-inspectors. Complaining about these ‘criminals in uniform’ did not help.   
2. My Himalayan home was raided unofficially on 2 June 2014 in my absence on the command of some high official in health department in Uttarakhand. On 2 June at noon, Mr. Govind Balabh Ohli (additional Secretary) telephoned Dr. Badani of Ayush, Uttarkashi and instructed him to do an urgent raid at my place. At 3 PM, Mr. Badani was going around in Dunda bazar defaming me with the shopkeepers and then he forced his entry into my premises in village Astal across Bhagirathi, in my absence and harassed the care taker Jabbar singh. He even wanted Jabbar Singh to accompany him to Dunda Bazar and Jabbar Singh daringly refused that.
Mr. Govind Bhallabh Ohli supplied this information to the masters of the defaming blogs against me and they quoted him as follows at:

1.      Who is DR VINOD VERMA | an introduction
According to Shri Govind Ballabh Ohli, Director, Ayush, Uttarakhand, there is no activity of training programs in Ayurveda studies in the center. “The Charaka School of Ayurveda, run by one Dr. Vinod Verma, is non-functional and one chowkidar is a caretaker of her so-called Center” he said. He further said that Dr. Verma visits her Charaka School of Ayurveda once in a while. Neither her center, or she herself is registered with Ayush as per rules and regulations laid down by the Indian Medicine Central Council Act 1970, Ohli confirmed. The courses award a certificate upon successful completion. They are however not registered with nor recognized by any board or council established by the Government of India. Nor is there any information on the panel of instructors or their credentials.
As per Dr. Verma’s website, her organization also runs social welfare programs to impart knowledge and training in health programs to residents around her Astal center. The reality on the ground is quite different. “No such social activities are extended as claimed by her, which could benefit the inhabitants in the surrounding area” Ohli firmly said.

3. I filed an RTI against this illegal telephonic activity of Badani and Ohli and did not get a proper reply till yet. Since this RTI application, it seems that Ohli got his name removed by his friends for whom he was working.
A raid without any written document or an order to do the raid is absolutely illegal in India and it is a shame to our system if Chief Minister of Uttarakhand leaves Ohli and Badani unpunished. Such administrators go around like little dictators abusing their authority and torturing public. The complaint has been filed with the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand and to the Department of Ayush with Central government in Delhi.

How will the alleged criminal or criminals benefit from these activities against me?

1.   Through their blogs, they want to show me like a thief as they write that I have fake degrees. They are doing my character assassination.
2.   Through the raid and German FB they want to defame me and attack my International reputation as well.
3.   By quashing my FIR, they want to prove that I put false blame on them.
4.   They want to collect all this data to show to a higher court that my witness that proves the money laundering activities of Shridev Sharma and his connection to Arvind Joshi and many others alike is also false.
Latest development is that Arvind and Tinoo Joshi have probably fled the country after 4 years and eight months of rigorous investigation in their case to prove them guilty. Their allies including Shridev Sharma have been granted bail by the High Court of Madhya Pradesh. In our country, the criminals are well taken care of whereas victims are made to suffer.बर्खास् आईएएस दंपति अरविंद-टीनू जोशी के सहयोगी को जमानत

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