Monday 15 April 2019

Intolerant Modi Government?

Intolerant Modi Government?

The present government is finishing its five years and as a scientist and researcher, I have made best of my efforts to find intolerance in the present regime. I have at times very firmly criticised the government especially in the beginning and I have been writing to a minister on his twitter how he has ruined that particular department. I wrote very strongly after Akhlaq’s murder by a mob in Dadari, as at that time, I happened to be in India. Before this government came to being, I even wrote to Modi ji not to give tickets to the corrupt and let them win on his name by naming a particular constituency.  Another time I wrote the strongest, when in Haripur kala (near Haridwar), a piece of forest near the Ganga was totally erased by allegedly a Haryana MLA in connivance with the owner Birlas. None heard my complaint when the forest was being destroyed. I was writing from and phoning from Australia after they have removed 10 percent of the 200 years old trees there. None in environmental Ministry heard me. On my return several months later, the entire forest was erased by the builders and I was told that Haryana MLA’s brother boasted to some people that it cost him about 50 Lakh to bribe to NGOs, forest department and environmental ministry. I continued writing this. No action has been taken till date against this land mafia. Ganga has been harmed despite Namami Gange.

Birla Bagicha with 10 percent trees removed

Birla Bagicha after cutting trees

Birla Bagicha divided into  pieces and land sold by the land mafia

Dried up Bhagirathi due to Dams

I never got any warning or even got trolled on social media.

The real democracy can only function if the citizens raise their voice when the government does not function according to their expectations. As a good citizen of the nation, I always would raise my voice. But to say irrationally that this government has been intolerant, fascist, dictatorial, and so on is absolutely ridiculous and is being done under an agenda. To return government awards without returning money with interest is absolutely dishonest and laughable. This intolerance song is being sung by those who benefited undeservingly because of being a part of the darwar of the party who ruled the most in 71 years and who took the people of India for granted. In fact, these ones, mostly called chamchas in India, are the ones who are ‘intolerant’.

Tolerance versus Intolerance

My experience says that this government has been very much more tolerant than the previous government. The previous government was also very tolerant but only to corruption. People have been abusing PM Modi during the last 5 years, and amongst those have been the top congress leaders and their entourage. Recently, the Congress prince president has been telling the PM chor or thief and he seems to be in a state of delirium (atipralap in Ayurveda). Can you imagine what would have happened if the same abuses were hurled on Sonia Gandhi during 10 years of her remote controlled regime? You can guess from the way she has been avenging to the then CM of Gujrat during those 10 years.
‘Poor accidental PM’ of that time! He himself is a prime example of the loyalty to the ‘royal family’, loyalty to their injustice and to their loot and corruption.

I am a member of India International Centre (IIC). Some of my friends there were abusive to PM Modi on social media. I replied that by doing so, they are insulting the Indian public who voted him to power. They were angry for disagreeing with them and they un-friended me on the FB. The editor of the IIC journal openly condemned PM Modi in front of me and when I said the contrary, she did all to trouble me. I even reported against her, but nobody did anything against her. IIC magazine and some other activities have been running on congress agenda. The so called ‘intolerant’ government did not do anything to tell them that there was a power shift from Congress to BJP.

Coming to the state level, last year in Police station of Noida in sector 20, the station in-charge inspector was bitterly criticising CM Yogi for his programme on Romeo squad in front of six-seven people sitting in his office. He was speaking against the CM and was grumbling that why CM wants the police in action without any complaint. He would have never dared to do that in Mulayam’s regime. He would have been scared of being beaten up by SP goons, who did not even spare the toll booths in UP.

United Front for Corruption

Indian politicians under the leadership of congress gradually evolved to a state where corruption and national loot was the way of life in Indian politics. They could not imagine a Head of the State, who wants nothing for himself or his family and he would not tolerate that from his cabinet either. He finished the previous practice of huge commissions in all kinds of projects including defence. These ‘opposition’ Indian politicians have been undergoing a trauma for the last five years. This is what unites them to form a common front against a single man. They have nothing concrete to criticise and have been using terms like lynching, intolerance, fascism, etc. to attack the present government. Mahagathbandhan, Mahamilavat or Maha thug smelan?

The last five years have been quite progressive, peaceful and positive. None of the previous governments have ever thought of making toilets for the poor, provide gas and electricity to the poor, develop village infrastructure, and clean the nation. My village and surrounding areas in the remote Himalayas have dustbins, proper infrastructure, lighting and all that shows  that progress and nation building have begun.

Lastly, I do not want to say that present government has been perfect. Police, justice, bureaucracy…. So much change is required. PM Modi needed to be more strict with his work force. For common people corruption stays as such. BJP infrastructure at state level needs complete renovation. Public is not heard as it was told. You can file a complaint but it is never worked upon… just like it was before. Hope things will improve during the next term. BJP has shown a very conservative attitude not to replace the non-performing CMs in the state and that is why they lost 3 states. Haryana and Uttarakhand will be affected also in the present election due to bad governance in the states.

Jai Hind. God save my nation from the hypocrites of intolerance!!!!!!